I need emergency medical transport and repatriation

If you are unable to continue your trip because of death, sudden illness or serious injury of yourself or a travel companion or close relative, Travel with Kit will pay you your necessary additional travel, accommodation, repatriation and meals that you undertake with our consent.

A total payout of $500,000 is available on Basic cover, and the payout amount is unlimited on Comprehensive cover. This benefit is not available on the Saver cover level.  

Keep in mind

  • This benefit is not available on the Saver cover level.
  • You will need the attending registered medical practitioner to advise us in writing that you are unfit to continue the trip as a result of sudden illness or serious injury.
  • We won’t pay for the cost of resuming the trip after you have returned to Australia except if your level of cover includes airfares for resumption of travel
  • Any additional travel you undertake must be at the fare class originally booked, unless we agree otherwise and we have received a written recommendation from the registered medical practitioner attending to you;
  • If at the time of the event that causes you to return to Australia, you are not in possession of a return ticket, we will deduct the cost of an economy-class airfare at the carrier’s regular published rates for the return trip; we will use your return ticket if this reduces our costs;
  • We will not pay for additional transport and accommodation expenses when a claim is made under the Cancellation costs benefit or for cancelled transport and accommodation expenses covering the same period.
  • These benefits will be payable for up to 12 months from the date that your trip was interrupted.
  • Not all rules and exclusions have been listed here. Please see the Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording for full details.
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