How do I claim for baggage, luggage, handbag, belongings, sunglasses and money?

You might be eligible to claim under our luggage, belongings & cash benefit

The amount that we can pay out in the event of a luggage and belongings claim depends on the cover level and optional packs you choose to buy. The luggage and personal belongings benefit is not available on Saver cover.

To submit your claim, please go to our website and provide as much information as possible about what happened. If you've already lodged a claim, you can also email your supporting documents, together with your policy number and claim number to:

The following documents are needed, if applicable: 

  • Police report
  • Report from the hotel or transport provider 
  • Confirmation from the transport provider that they lost your checked in luggage 
  • Proof of ownership and value for any personal items or cash you’re claiming for, such as receipts, valuations, or bank statements showing cash withdrawals. 
  • Receipts for costs you incurred to replace your essential medication 
  • Proof that you travelled overseas, such as: photos of your boarding pass, ensuring that your name and destination are visible; or credit card or bank statements or receipts showing an overseas transaction; or any other proof that you went overseas on holiday for our consideration. 
  • Confirmation that you contacted your mobile phone service provider to block your mobile phone (if applicable)
  • Bank statements showing what you paid in AUD, if you paid for costs in a foreign currency with a credit card.
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