What happens if I miss my cruise departure?

Missed the scheduled departure of your pre-booked cruise due to an accident involving your means of transport, or the cancellation, delay or diversion of your scheduled transport, or a natural disaster?

If you added a Cruise Pack to your policy, Travel with Kit will pay up to $2,000 per policy for your reasonable and necessary additional travelling expenses incurred after you leave your home address in Australia, that are over and above what you had originally budgeted to pay and are needed to continue with your original itinerary.

  • We will only pay you the reasonable additional expenses less the amount you would have ordinarily paid had the event not occurred, less any refunds owed to you.
  • We will only pay those expenses that you cannot claim from someone else - like a transport providers, and where you have not been offered alternatives.
  • Any additional airfare incurred will be at a class of our discretion.
  • You must get written confirmation from the appropriate authority stating the full details of the incident, including the cause and period of disruption.
  • You must claim from the transport company first, and provide us with written confirmation of any refunds or rescheduling offered to you.
  • You must keep all receipts for the extra expenses you pay.
  • You may be also entitled to claim additional meals and accommodation expenses under appropriate benefit(s) like the Cancellation benefits offered on Basic and Comprehensive cover. 
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