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  • Can I add cover for extreme sports?

    Yes. Get extra cover for abseiling, trekking, zip lining, diving and more with our Adventure Sport Pack. The Adventure Sports Pack covers: Unlimited Adventure sports injuries  Unlimited Adventure spor

  • Am I covered for medical emergency under the Water Sports Pack?

    No. Our Water Sports Pack covers diving and water sport equipment only. Instead, to cover medical emergencies related to approved activities, such as diving, you'll need our Adventure Pack. You'll be

  • Is diving covered?

    For emergency medical cover due to a diving accident, you'll need an Adventure Pack. You need to be a holder of an open water diving licence recognised in Australia, or dive with a licensed

  • Are mountain bike accidents covered?

    For emergency medical cover due to a mountain bike or downhill accident, you'll need an Adventure Pack to take care of your medical bills. Learn more about our Adventure Pack here. You can cover your

  • What makes Kit different?

    Travel with Kit is proudly 100% Australian owned and believe in travel for all Australians.  That’s why we cover travellers up to 99 years old, offer options for all medical conditions, have extras to

  • Can I add extra cover for sports, diving, snow, hiking, and other activities?

    Absolutely. We offer 10 add-on cover options for specific activities, belongings and equipment.  See more information on our 10 optional extras, known as Packs here, or jump straight to the links belo

  • Can I add cover for dive and water sports gear and equipment?

    Absolutely. Extra cover for your surfboard, diving and snorkelling gear and other equipment is available on our Water Sports Pack. Here's what's covered: $1,000 equipment hire $2,000 diving gear in a

  • Which activities do you not cover?

    Holidays are all about trying new things and we’re all for that. The reality is that some holiday activities can be dangerous and result in injury, so for that reason we don’t cover injuries that are